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When I click 'delete' virus McAfee Security Centre says 'unable to restore'

At first I thought I had accidentally clicked 'restore' but it happened again when I carefully clicked delete. I am worried that a virus has infected McAfee and is attempting to restore items I thought I had been deleting. Can anyone shed any light onto this?

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Re: When I click 'delete' virus McAfee Security Centre says 'unable to restore'

If I understand you correctly,You have gone to Navigation/Quarantined and Trusted Items/quarantined Items, and have attempted to delete? Yet you receive a message stating"Unable to restore"? This does not sound right?

I recommend Running the Latest Stinger,(Read How to use), followed by McAfee Gestsusp, please make certain you enter your Email Address under "Preferences" before scanning. Also for a (Second Opinion) run Malwarebytes (Free) Version only.

These Superb Tools can be found in the following Link;

After running these tools, I would also run the Latest McAfee Virtual Technician to assure you that there are no issues with your McAfee Protection.

Should there indeed be issues that MVT cannot resolve, here is a link to Guidelines/Instructions on how to Uninstall/Reinstall your McAfee Software;

Further more,should you still experience issues, you can reach Technical Support from this Link;

All the very Best,



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Re: When I click 'delete' virus McAfee Security Centre says 'unable to restore'


When did this first occur? Did you accidentally download anything that may have had a third part extension or a toolbar associated with the download?  Try the virtual technician first to see if it finds any problems  McAfee Virtual Technician

explains what I am asking and may shed some more light on your issue.

contains a lot of different information concerning virus and malware. My suggestion here is run GetSusp program and Malwarebytes (free version) to see if anything is lurking in your computer.consider paying for

You may also just have some corruption and may only need to uninstall and reinstall your software. McAfee Technical Service is found here Services and Support for Home and Office and you can reach them 24/7

Let us know if still having problems

Tom K3TG

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