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What is wrong with McAfee?

I've had McAfee Anti-Virus Plus for several years now. I've dealt with the scans, the updates, and all the other stuff that goes into keeping the product current and updated. But I am now to the point where I absolutely despise the product. Not because of things that have just started to happen, but things that have been happening for as long as I've been a McAfee customer.

3 Laptops and 1 Desk Top... It's not just limited to 1 machine...

It slows things SO BAD! Web pages take what seems like forever to load.  Not just by a few seconds, I'm talking AOL Dial-Up slow. And pages don't often load smoothly. It's bit by bit and chunk by chunk.

It freezes my computers. To the point where I have to press the power button to force a restart. Not just once in a while... weekly... sometimes a couple times a week.

Scheduling scans? HA! Forget about that. NEVER happens when I schedule it. NEVER. And I've tested it multiple times by scheduling scans for certain days and certain times. 100% FAIL. (And yes, I had AM and PM set correctly)

Remind me to update in 2 hours? 4 hours? 1 day? HA! Nope... I'll remind you when I feel like it. Even if it's only been 15 minutes since you asked me to remind you 4 hours from now.

You want to cancel my scan and run it later? EFF YOU! Go ahead... I dare you to hit cancel. Oh, I'll cancel... but only when I feel like it. That could be 5 minutes to an hour after you press the button.

Again, these are problems I have been experiencing for YEARS. I've put up with it long enough. I absolutely despise McAfee antivirus. I will be deleting it and I will never recommend it to anyone. It's horrible.

So I came here to voice my opinion. I don't know if anyone else feels the way I do or has experienced the things I have, but I am just so done. Totally done. I hate McAfee. 

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Re: What is wrong with McAfee?

Moved to VirusScan as that is what you mainly talk about.

It slows things SO BAD!

It freezes my computers.

That shouldn't be happening, what operating system is this and are you up to date?   How much memory is installed on the machines(s)?

Have you had any indication that perhaps there is malware on board?

Scheduling scans? HA! Forget about that. NEVER happens

That's because you probably have it set not to scan when the computer is busy, that can be adjusted in settings.

Remind me to update

If updates were set to automatic there would be no reminders.  Again that can be altered in settings.

Try running the Virtual Technician to see if it finds and fixes mistakes and one hint to ease up background scanning, never store emails in your desktop email inbox....create sub-folders for storage.

Otherwise the antivirus will be constantly scanning them.

Virtual Technician:

If that doesn't help I will try to alert our in-house support person to take a look at this thread.  Or alternatively you can call Technical Support yourself, it's free of charge.