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What Does "Real-Time Scanning" Mean???

Hi.  I have McAfee Internet Security Software, and it has this thing that it calls "Real-Time Scanning."  What does that mean?  Does it mean that it scans everything you access on the internet in real time, at all times, without exception?

The reason I ask is that I'm starting a design project that requires me to download a bunch of different clip-art images off of the internet to my computer .  Will the "real-time scanning" scan each image file before it gets downloaded to my computer and tell me if it has any malware in it?  Or do I need to take other measures to detect and block potential malware contained in files I am downloading?


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Re: What Does "Real-Time Scanning" Mean???

It's what kicks into action when something new is added to your hard drive, a file or a folder or a drive for instance, or when a new process starts up.  It's the on-access scanner portion of your antivirus.

Unless you disable it, it will scan anything your download.

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Re: What Does "Real-Time Scanning" Mean???


                In addition to Colleague Ex_Brit excellent definitive answer. You can access all of your Products Features, and obtain most informative descriptions on how to use and to better understand all aspects of your protection.

                 Simply Open your McAfee User Interface, click on (Help), then click on ( Help) again. A Pane should open with your particular Suite/Others with a "Step by Step" guide. Or you can simply use this link: McAfee Help

                 Also as you surf, pay close attention to the Annotations your McAfee Site Advisor displays. As this is another facet of your Protection which informs you of Safe/Suspicious/or Dangerous Sites.

                   You also have at your disposal Superb (Free) Tools which can be obtained here:


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