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VirusScan update disables internet connection sharing (XP MC 05)

Hello All,

I'm running two connections through my computer, a wireless USB adapter that goes out to a router and then the internet, and a second connection through my on-board ethernet card that goes out to a second machine. I connect to the net on the second machine through internet connection sharing on the first. This arrangement worked perfectly up until last Friday, and now doesn't work at all.

Using a system restore, I was able to determine that a McAfee update run Friday evening was what killed this connection. Beyond that, I have no idea what happened. Does anyone on here know what that update changed, and how I can tell McAfee to allow this connection (BTW: running XP media center edition 2005)? I'd like, obviously, for McAfee to continue to monitor the situation and to update itself normally, but I really can't have it choking this other computer off. If someone would kindly offer a little insight into this situation, I'd be greatly appreciative.

Thanks for your time on this.

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RE: VirusScan update disables internet connection sharing (XP MC 05)

Please clarify,
Did you have any other protection software installed in the computer? If yes then try to disable and test your connection.
You can run the MVT and post the Session ID {} here let me review it and we will update you…
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