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VirusScan running with Ad-Aware program

I am running Mcafee VirusScan 13.3, Firewall 10.3, and Security Center 9.3, along with Spybot. I have no problem with this mix. I heard that Ad-Aware (free version) from Lavasoft was also a good anti-virus program to have in addition to the above programs listed. I am running WindowsXP Home Edition w/SP3, and all the necessary fixes except for Internet Explorer 8 which just came out. I am presently using Internet Explorer 6. Are there any problems adding Ad-Ware to the security software mix I now have? Will there be any conflects? I would appreciate it very much if anyone would comment on this, especially those who may have as similar mix to what I have and want to go to.
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RE: VirusScan running with Ad-Aware program

You can install them along with the security programs what you have right now. However, it’s not recommended to have multiple security programs on one computer even that may reduce the performance of your computer.
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