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VirusScan outdated or corrupted


I just use "McAfee Virtual Technician" and it tells me virusscan has expired "corrupt." How to fix this problem, knowing that I have uninstalled and reinstalled Mcafee internet Sécurity. Thank you for your help.


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Reliable Contributor exbrit
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Re: VirusScan outdated or corrupted

Is SecurityCenter showing red and issuing warnings?  If not then ignore it as the MVT is having server problems right now and we have no idea when it will be fixed.

If MSC is red, then uninstall via Control Panel, run the MCPR cleanup tool, reboot and reinstall from your online account as per:

Reliable Contributor Hayton
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Re: VirusScan outdated or corrupted

I reported this problem privately to McAfee two days ago. I believe it is caused by the fact that MVT has not been updated for a week or perhaps more and is using outdated information. These reports are almost certainly false positives and should be ignored, at least for now.

Google Translate says that the French translation should look like this

J'ai signalé ce problème en privé avec McAfee il y a deux jours. Je crois qu'il est causé par le fait que MVT n'a pas été mis à jour pendant une semaine ou peut-être plus et utilise des informations obsolètes. Ces rapports sont presque certainement des faux positifs et doivent être ignorés, au moins pour l'instant.