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VirusScan hangs on one file


whenever i start full system scan, the control hangs on one particular file 'nlsdata0049.dll'.
The scan completely stops. I can pause, resume and even cancel the scan but control will not proceed to next file.
I have no idea why this problem is occurring?
is the above mentioned file corrupt?
is there any solution?

Please help
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Level 7

RE: VirusScan hangs on one file


This NlsData0049.dll file is nothing but Microsoft Neutral Natural Language Server Data and Code version 6.0.6000.16386 by Microsoft Corporation at
This may be corrupted and that’s the reason you are unable to proceed the scanning from there.

Search for this file in My Computer and try to delete it, if you are unable delete it, rename it and download a good one from and replace it.
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