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VirusScan 13.3 DAT 5628 not detecting malware/spyware

I have used McAfee since DOS 3.3 and continue to use it with my clients but I have observed numerous experience that this product does not detect most spyware, malware, annoying pop-ups. and background sound ads.

Even with the latest engine and DAT file, pop-ups and background sound ads continue to infest my clients machine eventhough McAfee (Total Protection) says that my system is protected. I have run extensive scans but VirusScan does not detect anything.

I s there another product that can be recommended that can compliment VirusScan's limitations? :confused:
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RE: VirusScan 13.3 DAT 5628 not detecting malware/spyware

I find it's best to have at least 2 anti-spyware applications on hand as a supplement to any anti-virus application.

We have a some listed at the top part of this sticky:

I personally use SpywareBlaster which sits in the background protecting and I keep SuperAntispyware on hand too and scan with it occasionally. Keep them updated and you should be OK.

Assuming that you keep Windows totally up to date, especially the browser, don't forget to implement the pop-up blocker which is present in most browsers. I don't recommend using any phishing filters or I.E.'s Content Advisor, however, as they will interfere with McAfee.

McAfee SiteAdvisor, which is a free download and comes as part of some suites, is another good 1st defence against bad websites.
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