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Virus scan stops at 11%, 11100 items

I just installed the AT&T Internet Security Suite, and have tried 3 times to do a complete virus scan. Each time, the scan halts at exactly 11%, and 11100 items scanned.

The AT & T Suite consists of SecurityCenter ver. 9.15; VirusScan ver. 13.15; and Personal Firewall ver. 10.15.

It's most curious that the numbers (11%, 11100) are comprised of only 1's and 0's.

I'm guessing you have a bug in your counting subroutine.

Please let me know if there's a way I can complete a scan of my PC with your product.



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Re: Virus scan stops at 11%, 11100 items


Please provide us some more information on this like;

What is the DAT version of virus scan ?

Do you have any other security software installed in the computer .

How old is the computer ?

Restart the computer in safe mode and try to run a full scan check the status .


Dinesh K

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Re: Virus scan stops at 11%, 11100 items

Thank you for your quick response.

Well, I started a fresh scan, let it run overnight, and it completed. I let it run in 'background' mode (so I wouldn't be waiting  for a response). Why it stopped at that point I mentioned, I guess, was that file was very, very large (a compressed e-mail folder or a large video).

All is well, thanks again.



(Oh, and msconfig is not a 'questionable program', but an important Windows tool!  )

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