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Virus scan freeze after a scheduled scan was canceled manually - what to do ?


a scadual scan was automatically running and I needed to stop it because of something important I needed to do.

the scan as if stooped because I do not see real disk activity and when looking at the task manager I see that McAfee programs are not active in consumption of CPU.

But the shield show that it is continuing and so when seeing scan details it as if running.

I tried to cancel again stop what ever possible but nothing happens - what to do in order to return back to ideal situation.

I passed over different community posts but did not get the info to solve .

Thank you for your inputs


I am using the updated virus-scan plus + site adviser + firewall.

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Re: Virus scan freeze after a scheduled scan was canceled manually - what to do ?

That's because it has to complete its task in whatever section of the registry it was at and then produce a report and often it takes a long time to do that.    In fact at some stages a scan of any type can't be cancelled and that's why sometimes the Cancel button is greyed out.

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