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Virus problem

Dear All,

I have Mcafee Antivirus + Antispyware running on my systems. We have one Mcafee server in our organizartion. From since 1 week we are receiving continuously the buffer overflow protection messages. Mcafee is installed and updated with all the latest patches but not able to remove the virus. Any idea you people have about that ???

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Virus problem

You should perform full on-demand scan under safe mode. Try to get sample which to upload to McAfee Labs and in the next 2-3 days they will create Xdat(extra detextion file) which could help you.

To find that virus you could use MS Autoruns.Also you could increase the Heusristic level that helps in many cases.

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Virus problem

I think this might belong in the Business section, or perhaps in Security Awareness ....

Are you having this problem with McAfee's Enterprise (corporate) software, or with the Home & Home Office edition? What version of McAfee have you got installed?

Is it occurring on your server, or on clients on the network?

Could you take a screenshot of the messages? In the Home edition these display an exploit name, so perhaps yours will show more detail.

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