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Virus Scan won't run...unexpected error?

Hi Everyone, can someone please help me figure how I can get my virus scan to run. It says that it is working and that my computer is safe but when I try to run a scan, it says that an unexpected error has occured and can not run at this time. Please help..thanks

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Re: Virus Scan won't run...unexpected error?

Try initially to download and run the MVT program. It might see something wrong.

If it says files are missing and cannot fix post a picture of the warning and the file list of missing files. ( if there are 2 in teh amcore folder this might be a bug in MVt (just warning you)

Second possibility is

Open IE – click on reset in Internet tools advanced  and close IE

Click on M shield icon and check for updates

Try to run a scan

Though I would think from past experience that a clean uninstall reinstall would fix this.

Remove following

reboot and run

and reinstall from your account

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