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Virus Scan hangs up on a file

I have Virus Scan Plus, version 13; XP Home with S/P3 installed; IE7; Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop. When I try to do a virus scan, the scan gets hung up on file I386\DLIMPORT.EXE. Windows Task Manager shows CPU useage constantly at 100%, and "Task Manager" is listed 72 times in "Applications." I can't skip this file or cancel the scan. Control/Alt/Delete doesn't work to shut down the computer, so I have to push the power button to turn off the computer. I get the auto updates from McAfee and there doesn't seem to be any other problem - no error messages, etc. Any help to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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RE: Virus Scan hangs up on a file


DLIMPORT.EXE is a file which is related to - Microsoft Windows Media Player Setup Utility

Moreover, the file location \I386\ indicates that this file is under the root directory of Windows Setup files (backup for windows setup files) and this file may be corrupted as well.

So if you have Windows Setup Disk with you, delete the \I386 folder from your computer and copy them back from the original Windows Setup Disk and then running the scan again.
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