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Virus Scan causes computer to shut down

Why McAfee virus scan causes computer to shut down, whereas other anti-virus don't?

It has become impossible to run any McAfee anti-virus scan on my computer because it shuts down the computer as soon as the scan is starting. This doesn't happen with other anti-virus I've installed since this problem has begun.

Thanks for explanation.

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Re: Virus Scan causes computer to shut down

That certainly should not happen unless perhaps the scan is causing overheating.  Is your computer totally up to date with Microsoft and other updates?

Try running VS in Safe Mode.  Tap F8 repeatedly while booting up to reach the special menu, then when signed in, right-click the taskbar icon and select scan.   Let it run.  All you will see is activity in the icon.  Reboot

Afterwards perhaps run Stinger and Malwarebytes Free, both downloads are in the last link in my signature below.

If this is not due to malware the best way to troubleshoot it would be to contact Technical Support.  It's free by phone or online chat and available via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.


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Re: Virus Scan causes computer to shut down

Look into the heat sinks and their proper ventilation. Probably the heat sinks are jammed because of dust, that in turn does not exits the heat that in turn does not cools off the CPU that in turn shuts down the laptop. I have had the same problem, but heat sink's and cooling fan's proper clean up of dust by patiently and cautiously dissembling and reassembling the laptop, solved the problem for me. Call a technical expert or DIY (with patience) should you know what you are doing. All the best.

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