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Virus Scan 2009 Internet Connectivity after Updates

I just installed Virus Scan 2009 from a CD after purchase. No problems at that point. McAfee then prompted to download updates, which I did. I immediately lost internet and network printer connectivity (Belkin wireless home network with a WG511T Netgear adapter on my laptop, one year or more with zero connectivity problems) Running Windows XP SP3. Our dsl router plugs into the Belkin wireless router which handles the traffic from my laptop and my wife's, with an occasional guest. Both Windows controllers and the Netgear software show that I am connected to my home network, and that it is working properly, but it shows no incoming traffic (or isn't allowing any incoming traffic). I disabled the windows firewall but that didn't fix it. I reinstalled the Netgear driver per McAfee tech advice with no change. (any other computer on the network still has perfect internet connectivity).

I checked McAfee's tech section on their website and they listed a MVT download for the stated problem of "Internet connectivity, Document ID TS100317 Link: " issues after downloading VS2009 updates. I downloaded the tool, saved it to my thumbdrive and moved it to my affected computer and attempted to run it. It simply opens up an internet explorer window and gives the same connection error. My Windows Restore function will not complete a restore since the downloaded updates, so I can't restore to an earlier date. Per McAfee telephone tech support, they guided me through and uninstalled VS2009 and had me re-set all Internet Explorer settings to factory defaults. No fix or change. I went through and re-tried the things in the first paragraph after the uninstall but that didn't fix it. Using the Windows wizard to attempt to connect to the internet gives a run-time error after a minute or two into the wizard.

My internet and network printer have worked perfectly for more than a year since it has been set up, and it still works with the other computer (with a current, different anti-virus tool installed). The McAfee tech told me that the problem must be with my ISP, and told me to have a good day. This can't be the case because any other computer that we connect to the network works just fine. I cannot re-install Windows on the computer because the discs were lost a couple years ago when we moved.

Please help. I don't know what else to try, check, or do.
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RE: Virus Scan 2009 Internet Connectivity after Updates

Did you have any other anti-virus on this machine earlier?
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