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Virus Scan 15.0.294 practically unusable.

I have current Total Protection suite. Since the update on Dec 19th 2011 Virus Scan is practically unusable:

-- OnAccessScan process is running for more than 10minutes after each reboot, making any other actions on the computer unusable.

-- The program lost ability to download new DAT files. I'm getting pop-up 'Your computer is not protected', checking for updates manually, getting message that everything is up to date, but 2 hours later the same nightmare repeats.

-- Start of some programs is inacceptably delayed. After clicking Skype icon I have to wait for 70 seconds, because McAfee virus scan process checks something, beor any Sky activity is visible.

Virtual technician told me which version of DAT I should have, but was unable to download it for me. I had to search website to get it.

Unfortunately even SuperDAT is not helping because it cannot update engine (the message says that I have the latest version - but what if this version is total crap?)

BTW the website is not much better than the program: in search results, when I click 'Next>' I randomly get 'Page error' without any explanation.

Also, why in the Chat & E-mail area of the website there is no way to select e-mail, only chat and forums.

I'm getting sick and tired of McAffe. Any help will be appreciated. Otherways I will have to request money return. BTW, McAffe found the way to charge me for service extension although I intentionally did not provide new credit card number after the old expired.

My computer works with Vista SP2 with current versions of Firefox, Chrome and IE.

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Re: Virus Scan 15.0.294 practically unusable.

two thoughts

1 disable netguard does that help ( It is a feature of firewall)

2. maybe your install was corrupted. try a uninstall then reinstall following this

reboot and run

Reinstall from your account.

I assume you do not have another Antivirus/antimalwre program installed ie paid versions as they clash with Mcafee when both installed.

Re email support you choose email  and fill out form Submit then emails them and they reply in a day to the email you submitted.

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Re: Virus Scan 15.0.294 practically unusable.

Something wonky happened with that week's  update.

How does one email support? The Virtual Technician is acting as a gatekeeper... I downloaded it and it works, BUT to email support or use chat, I have to use it via my browser. The browser Virt Tech will not function in my browser.

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Re: Virus Scan 15.0.294 practically unusable.

Note any session ID  for mVT runs you did

Seems US english option has no email option try Austraia English

Go to chat and email

Close popup re MVT

Choose start

next ( closing all MVT popups on taskbar)

You should get an option to email or chat choose email

fill in form and submit it they will reply ensure session id for MVT included

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