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Virus Protection turns off


I'm hoping that someone can help me out. Quite often, when I turn my computer on, I get a message from the Windows Security Center, I can't remember the exact message but basically it said one of the security options didn't start. Selecting the message opens the Windows Security Center and I find the Malware Protection section is red. I open this and the Virus Protection (McAfee VirusScan) option is off. This doesn't happen every time, but quite often.

I've turn this back on again and again, but this still keeps happening. What do I need to do to keep this option from turning off?


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RE: Virus Protection turns off

Pleas clarify,
Did you receive any kind of alert/advertisements or pop-ups in the computer?
Check the DAT version and Engine version of McAfee Virus scan (Open Security center-click on about in the Right hand bottom panel-check the Build version and DAT version for McAfee Virus scan)?
Perform the McAfee Virtual Technician in both computer and post the session ID
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