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Very slow 'Full Scan'

I ran a full scan on my home PC which is running on Windows XP SP3.  Although nothing was found it did take about 4.5 hours to complete wher it used to take only 2/2.5 hours.  Nothing has changed since the last scan except for the usual MS updates.  I don't have any zip files stored on my PC and I do a full clean up of my temp files etc every 2 - 3 weeks to ensure no unwanted files are kept.  Suddenly last night I decided to go on a 'go slow' almost to the point of stopping at one point.  I do a manual check of all my drives (I have 2 installed - 1 for my master (320GB) plus a smaller one (40GB) which I use for my recovery files).  I don't have my scans scheduled so I can run them when I want to so I can ensure nothing is running at the time.

Alongside McAfee I use CCleaner, AML Reg Cleaner and Malwarebytes but these have been on the PC for well over 2 years and have not causedany issues whatsoever.  I am currently running 3-user Internet Security 2011 but due to renew my subscription in 2 months time to 2011.  Can somebody help me as to the cause plus how I can resolve this issue as tis is very much out of character for this to happen in all the time I have had the software (approx 4 years)

Many thanks

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