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VS13 scan hangs at files

Serious issue with fully updated McAffee Security Center
Windows XP Home, fully updated automatically.
Virus Scan 13 was working fine but as of last week it hangs at 87%. It seems to be stuck on a file, C:\Windows\System32\wmdrm.dll though it may sometimes be on a related file or folder. The online scanner has the same problem. The whole system hangs for hours and crashes and eventually must be killed at the power switch. Virtual Technician found and fixed a registry error but that made no difference. Help!:eek:

8/24/09 Update (still no reply 1 week later)
Scanned the system with AVG, it was able to complete the scan with nothing detected. However the system was hung like before: the Taskbar turns black and Windows doesn't respond to any input including Ctrl-Alt-Del.
I read in one of the past threads about scans heating up the CPU with dust buildup, causing systems to lock up, so I cleaned the computer thoroughly with duster can and vacuum (the cooling fins on the CPU were completely clogged with dust). The ran a full McAfee scan with the exact same results as related at the top. Ouch!
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