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Update/Installation problem due to "threat"

McAfee was unable to update (can't remember exact message) and said to reinstall it. When attempting to reinstall from the website, the following message came up...

"We're sorry, but we are unable to remove one or more threats from your PC. Please go to the McAfee Services and Support page for help with removal." For some reason or other I'm unable to do the online chat.

Please help as McAfee was always installed and was working fine until today with no problems with updates this week, and I'm unaware of any new sites or downloads performed lately and my computer is running fine otherwise so I'm unaware of any viruses, etc.

I already went through and deleted all McAfee files and it didn't help.
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RE: Update/Installation problem due to "threat"

Please do a scan with the following programs:

Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware:
SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition:
McAfee Support Mobile App Available
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