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Unable to change registry setting

Greetings, I have been encountering a problem with an application on my windows XP system. The vendor's technical support instructed me to run msconfig and under startup uncheck a particular item.

To do this I open McAfee, choose 'Computer & Files' then choose configure and disable system guards protection.

I then invoke msconfig, go to the startup tab, uncheck the item I wish to remove and when I click apply I get an access denie error. I am suspecting that McAfee is not allowing me to make this change. Can someone assist me please.

Thank you.
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RE: Unable to change registry setting

Now that is a misleading message there.. if you are logged in as an administrator the changes will be made despite that stock message from MS

RE: Unable to change registry setting

Greetings, I'm not sure in what way you mean that is a misleading message. Nevertheless, the change does not take place. As an administrator, I change the setting and get the access denied mesasage. I do not know how to configure McAfee to allow me to make the change. Please help.

RE: Unable to change registry setting

despite the access denied message i am sure the changes would be made since you are the admin... could you check that out?

RE: Unable to change registry setting

Greetings, I have indeed checked the setting and it is not being changed. Thanks.
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