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Trying to download an application

I am trying to download an application that will allow me to view a security camera in my office on the interenet. I have ATT McAfee Secuirty Suite and the real time scanning keeps deleting the app and will not let me download it. I have called theTech support for Q-See (security camera and vcr makers) and the have told me I need to bypass the scanning. I have chatted with McAfee and they said I have a corrupt app and to send it to their lab. The Q-See tech support says  it is not corrupt because I can do fine when the Suite (real time scanning) is turned off. The file that I am trying to download is and the Mcafee security will not let me.  I can download the file with security disabled each time but that is a pain. Can somebody help me. I am using windows 7 and ie9. I am on time warner cable at my office. Thanks.

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Re: Trying to download an application

You will have to temporarily disable VirusScan and submit the file for approval by email and if they say it is infected, immediately reply adding 'False' minus the '' in the header.

The procedure is outlined in a post I put together here:

Hopefully they will send you an extra.dat to cover the detection or simply include it in an update.

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