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Trusted network problem

Hello Team,

Good day!

We have been using McAfee antivirus Plus in our small firm for 10 users. McAfee finds all the computers connected into the network by using "PC and home Network tools" , since I'm using one of our PC as server for the license for a Software. But after installation of McAfee, clients are unable to communicate/access the shared folder of Server, so I've made appropriate changes that found the client PC and added it as Trusted PC inside " My network", but this long lasts for untill we restart the server. Once restart the server McAfee blocks the client-PCs. Pls suggest how to overcome this issue, since we cannot do this for every day.

Looking forward an earlier solution from you.

Best Regards


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Re: Trusted network problem

Really two thoughts

1. call support and run it past them. If they unsure ask for an escalation call back.

2. The network : are the IPs auto choosen or have  you used 10 fixed IPs ? If former try it fixed.

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