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So McAfee does a full scan everyday and I have never had any issues. I recently checked the scan report and it said i have 2 trojans but does not tell me where they are or what they are called so I can't manually delete them. I also went into quarantined items to see if it might have placed it there and it turns out there is nothing being quarantined or any potentially unwanted programs. I am not too computer smart and don't really know what to do. I just know i really want to clean up my computer because it's starting to get slow. All my software is new and up to date so there are no issues with that. Please help me!!

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Level 12

Re: Trojans

Hi Chelsea,

Go to Navigation > (Scroll down) > Quarantined And Trusted Items > Quarantined items (Not Potentially Unwanted Programs)

It will take some time to show them,

Then if nothing is found there,

You can look through your threats detected log here: Navigation > History and Logs > Threats detected.

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