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My laptop has the mcafee security center on it and not only does the mcafee center but the laptop security center as well states that i am completely protected. Yet, my laptop is continually spammed by a prodduct named TheDefend stating my computer is under attack by an internet virus, and it also has a desktop icon stating i have spyware that TheDefend needs to get rid of. All this happened shortly after i accidentaly clicked on an email saying i was approved to be a social worker or something along those lines. The mcafee blocked about 4 pages worth of fake alerts on the security center log within a few minutes so im pretty sure that the email caused it. I've run a full scan at least twice since it happened, and it quarantined several trojans. The alerts still appear though and it has become very bothersome. I can't navigate away from a single page without being asked if i want real time protection and advertisements for virus protection

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Re: TheDefend?


Since you mentioned that you are been spammed by it , Can you provide some more information on this like;

Are you getting spam mails to your mail box or is it annoying pop ups you are receiving from this program.

Open security center , click "about" to the lower right bottom and provide the version of virus scan and DAT.


Dinesh K

on 12/17/09 8:11:55 AM GMT-06:00
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