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Earlier I acquired a toolbar that goes by the name, "Tango".  Recently, I've been noticing a drop in performance on my computer.  I've cleared out most of my control panel programs that I didn't find necessary and I noticed this program/toolbar.  I attempted to delete/uninstall it and I got linked to  The website says I have acquired malware or spyware in the form of this toolbar.  I've updated multiple malware/spyware scanners and none of them can get rid of this and I can't remove this program.  Any help?

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Re: Tango

Hi there,

Please go through this proposed document that would help you to scan the computer using our advanved stinger tool.

Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


Dinesh K

McAfee Online Community Moderator

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Re: Tango

I am assuming that this toolbar is in Internet Explorer. The Tango Toolbar is not, according to Microsoft at least, serious malware. They regard it as a Browser Modifier and there were several discussions about it throughout last June on their forums. There is a full description of Tango in the Microsoft Malware Protection Center Encyclopedia here which gives some of its aliases - McAfee unfortunately is not in that list so I can't cross-reference to the McAfee Threats database.

I have seen the message on which states that the Tango removal process misdirects you to that url; presumably this is to make removal of the toolbar more difficult. According to the Microsoft encyclopedia entry,

There is no known operational uninstaller for this toolbar


If the toolbar is in Internet Explorer you should be able to disable it, if not remove it, using the Manage Add-Ons option in the Tools menu.

There is one post in this thread on the Microsoft forum which makes removal look easy :

Raj at Microsoft Security Support just fixed the Tango problem for me.  It is not difficult.

All that is needed is to remove TangoToolbar as the default internet start-up address.

1.  Go to Control Panel>InternetOptions

2.  Click "Delete Browsing History"

3.  Remove "TangoToolbar" from "Home Page"

4.  Insert the address of your default browser on "Home Page"

5. Click OK.

6.  Restart your computer.  TangoToolbar should be gone.

If this doesn't work, try the detailed directions at

KB923737 just shows you how to reset IE to its default settings - removing all add-ons, toolbars, and extensions.

If the problem is indeed with IE there is something else you could do, which is to go to the Microsoft Fixit Center page. The Fixit solutions are fast and efficient, and have indeed found and fixed several Microsoft and especially IE-related problems on my PC. But because Microsoft were notified of this at an early stage they have included it in their detection products (McAfee may have done; Dinz will tell you if so). Running Windows Defender or Windows Live safety scanner will detect and remove Tango. Windows Defender seems to be compatible with McAfee, at least on my XP system, and the Windows Live safety scan has never objected to McAfee or vice-versa, so you should be okay.

McAfee may not detect this simply because it hasn't appeared on the radar before.

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