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Level 7

Strange text during scan

During a scan, i saw the window showing this odd text (please note the text to the right of the '51%'): "[__VSOs:*_MCODS_SCANTYPE_null defined]"


Maybe there's something wrong going on?

Version is:


Tell me if translation is needed (I think the format of the window is the same in all languages, so you can guess what's written)..

Messaggio modificato da cincinnato on 29/10/10 11.33.39 CDT
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Level 12

Re: Strange text during scan

Sorry for the delayed response, please clarify the following:

1.    When does this error message shows up? Does it occurs randomly (or) exact at 51%

2.    What is your default browser? Firefox (or) Internet Explorer?

3.    Click on Start> Run> Type temp> OK> Clear all the temporary files

Reboot the computer and check the scan status

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Level 7

Re: Strange text during scan


1. Can't tell since I wasn't looking when it showed up.

2. Firefox

3. I'll do what you told me and then I'll let you know.

Thanks a lot for yor help.

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