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Solved Blue screen “Bad Pool Header”

It tookme 3 days to find a solution for my blue screen crash “Blue Screen Bad PoolHeader”.

First Ithought there was something wrong with my mouse, USB Bus but still I had a bluescreen.

The bluescreen occurred when I selected a file in windows xp explorer.

Then Ifound a program that explores the dump file that windows writes after a bluescreen occurs. The program is called “BlueScreenView”. I used v1.46.

Theprogram lists all files that were active during the crash. In my case:

  • -         mfehidk.sys      McAfee Link Driver
  • -         mfencbdc.sys  Anti-Malware Core
  • -         Mup.sys             Multiple UNC Provider driver
  • -         ntkrnlpa.exe     NT Kernel & System

At thatpoint I disabled the McAfee realtime scanning. From that moment on I did nothave any bluescreens anymore.

I triedto reinstal Virus Plus. It failed due to a conflict with MalWareBytes I believe the problem is a conflict between the programs McAfee Virus Plus and MalWareBytes.

Ideinstalled MalWareBytes and reinstalled McAfee and all problems are over.

No bluescreensanymore.

I hopethis will help other people.



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Re: Solved Blue screen “Bad Pool Header”

We know that McAfee doesn't run well if Malwarebytes Pro is installed. I've heard it said that you even need to uninstall Malwarebytes Free version in order to get McAfee to install properly. So yes, there's a potential conflict there.

The Bad Pool Header problem has been noted before and may have more than one underlying cause. Perhaps you've just found another of those causes ...

Edit : checking previous posts others have pointed to a problem with mfehidk. Sometimes running MVT is enough to identify and fix a problem with the McAfee installation. At the very least that would rule out one of the possibilities.

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