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Slow boot and real time scanning nightmares

Boot up is taking 4-5 minutes and VirusScan Plus 2010 struggles to load. Also with real time scanning enabled some interent pages are very slow to load - taking several minutes and often just lock up the pc. If I turn off real time scanning the internet problem disappears.

In Event Viewer I get a warning message about mfehidk. "The process **\MCSHIELD.EXE pid(4076) contains signed but untrusted code, but was allowed to perform a priveleged operation with a McAfee driver." The mfehidk warning appears every few seconds. Again if I turn off Real Time Scanning these warning messages do not occur.

I have tried the ususal - deleting all temp internet files/history/cookies etc and also deleted all Windows temp files - still have the problem.

I have contacted McAfee support and been advised to uninstall and reinstall VirusScan. I can't remember how many times this has been suggested, I have done, and again has made no difference.

I have VirusScan installed on 3 pc's. My 'work' pc with XP SP3, quad core processor and 6GB RAM does not appear to be so badly affected, but I do not use this pc for general internet. The pc I use for internet and general is XP SP3, single core Athlon and 2GB RAM. This pc is just about unusable  for internet because of the scanning problem. The netbook is even slower!

I know that others have had same/similar problems, has anyone been able to resolve this really annoying issue? I'm very close to unstalling VirusScan for the final time and using something else that doesn't make my pc unusable.

Please help.


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