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Simple problem. But what's being in this group about?

When I got AT&T service for internet connection, I got Mcaffee with it.  I did not turn off Norton, which was already on my computer, but I did turn on the Mcaffee virus checker.  It ran for more than an hour, but it still said it was zero percent complete, so it seemed to me that it really wasn't doing anything.  I would like to check my computer for viruses every week, and I'm not sure if I should use Norton or McAfee for virus protection in general.  How can I get Mcaffee to check my system for viruses?

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Re: Simple problem. But what's being in this group about?

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Contrary to one's belief, running more that (1) Anti-Virus Application can cause conflicts between each other. Even compromising your personal protection. I would highly advise you to remove Norton/or McAfee. You can do this by first removing through the normal procedure. Going to your Control Panel/Add/Remove/programs and features/restart.

Follow up by using the individual Consumer Product removal tool/restart.

​Of course then go to your account and Download and re-install.



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