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Script for current DAT file using FTP get from


I am having trouble with the VirusScan console autoupdate tool. Instead, I am looking at a way to get the daily DAT file from McAfee's FTP site and update the DAT file via a startup script.  The problem for me is the fact that the zipped DAT file is named according to its current DAT version which changes on a daily basis. My script for the ftp get would need to know the exact file name of the updated DAT file. Does anybody know how I can overcome this via script or other way? Ideally, if the file would just be named "AVV-current", it would be easy.



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Re: Script for current DAT file using FTP get from

That can't be done with the Consumer product framework unfortunately.   The manual method would have to be started for each update, which is basically every day.

Depending on your product other components also periodically update and that has to be automated.   The System Requirements on the product page state that an Internet connection is required.

What problems are you having with auto-updates?

Please advise your operating system and service pack details and how you connect to the internet, also what version of McAfee is installed.

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