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Scanning/freezing question

Hi. I just finished downloading a large update for my McAfee Total Protection. The problem is after I rebooted my computer and then click on the McAfee icon on the toolbar, the McAfee window pops up. It asks me if I want to scan (run full scan or dismiss).

I click "Dismiss". But then it goes to "Scan in progress". When I click "View scan in progress" it freezes up on me. It gets to the point where the only way I can close it (the McAfee window) is by shutting it down via my task manager.

Does anyone know what the problem may be. I use Windows Vista Home Basic.

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Level 18

Re: Scanning/freezing question

Sorry, this was in the wrong place to get attention. Now moved from Community Help to VirusScan, where it should be noticed.

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Level 20

Re: Scanning/freezing question

Does this occur now after a full shutdown?  ie due you get a popup every time you select Mcafee in taskbar? Have you a usb drive attached?

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