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Scan pauses after SVChost

I decided to run a full virus scan tonight. I put it to scan in the background, and I noticed it paused right after SVChost.exe. I thought that was kind of weird, so I restarted the scan. It paused again at SVChost, I clicked resume and (it is currently still running).

I'm wondering, does anyone know what is causing this?

I am using Windows 7 by the way.

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Re: Scan pauses after SVChost

Was it still showing as scanning that file or another?

I have not seen this . There is a new version out for subscribers for new installs from the aussie site if you want to test the scanning of the new version. Lot faster...

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Re: Scan pauses after SVChost

I just tried it again. It says 60 items scanned and it is paused. It does not list itself as scanning any specific file.

When it starts it begins with various system32 folders, it reaches svchost jumps around between other files and SVChost until it reaches items scanned and then it pauses, and I resume it. It is really weird.

I resume it and it begins to scan my disk drives and then moves on folder in the root directory of the C drive.

I did a Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware quick scan and that didn't find any problem. Could this just be some weird quirk?

This last round had it pause on something else, not quite sure what the thing was though, went too fast.

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