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Scan attached media w/o internet connection

I want to purchase McAfee AntiVirus plus to scan attached media (usb flash drives, CDs and DVDs, ZIP disks, etc), many of which I suspect do contain viruses or malware. Since I suspect they have viruses I want to disconnect the computer from the internet prior to the scan. 

So, I want to install McAfee AntiVirus plus while the computer is connected to the internet, then disconnect, then attach the media and conduct a virus scan.  Will that work?  Or does the tool require constant internet connection?

Thanks for any help y'all can provide!

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Re: Scan attached media w/o internet connection


That shouldn't be an issue. The Ondemand Scan feature can still be used with the PC being disconnected from the internet (offline). However to achive best detection result, do update the antivirus before initiating a scan.

 Note: McAfee doesn't recommend doing scans offline as it could considerably reduce threat detection, especially threats that are more recent.



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