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Removed virus, left corrupted Winsock - help

Red alert from McAfee: it  removed some russian malware ( but didn't protect me as  the next time I rebooted the damage was done as the spyware's removal corrupted the winsock.  Was unable to connect to internet and minor files were also altered.  No way to research and fix as not able to get online.  Windows diagnostics was able to run and tell me that  "a connectivity problem exists with a base winsock provider".  Really frustrating to find that I can't access Winsock XP Fixit.  My complaint is that McAfee should have been aware of consequences and provided the remedy.   So that I will be prepared, I want to have  Fixit on a disc but would really appreciate anyone's advice on how to copy it to a CD - it seems like the download goes straight to activation and I don't need to do that right now (getting into the registry) as I have found a fix that is working (reset NETSH thru command) just want to get ahead of the next disaster.  Thanks for any info you can give.  Simple enough for a non-tech, thanks.

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