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Reatime scanner locks out internet access and makes outlook send/receive fragile?

I have recently installed McAfee (as BT NetProterct Plus) on an XP machine now the Microsoft Security Essentials is about to end support.

For a couple of days it seemed OK but now I have no internet access and very patchy sending and receiving in Outlook unless I turn off real time scanning. I also found that although Chrome and IE were shown as having full access, if I turned their access off, then back on again, they resumed working for a while. This is 100% repeatable. While the internet access was locked out, Outlook was able to sometimes send and receive from some accounts, but others gave errors, so clearly there was some connection, but not an adequate one. Also, tablets on my wifi had no trouble at all with either email or browsing, so the probelem undoubtedly was something within the XP PC, not somethinmg in the router or downstream. I had not experienced any similar problems before installing McAfee.

Any ideas or suggestions, pelase?

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Re: Reatime scanner locks out internet access and makes outlook send/receive fragile?

Xp and mcafee 12.8.944 build has issues that are being looked into

Issue1 Floppy is accessed continuiosly driving 1 nuts. Workaround i sto disable teh floppy in device manager.

Issue 2 very slow access to do anything. They (Mcafee) are looking into it.

First when you uninstalled Microsoft essentials did you remove it using its own removal tool before installing Mcafee?

If not uninstall Mcafee as below run the MS essentials tool and reinstall Mcafee

If this is not the cause

I would 1 Run MVT from a new download

Note the service id number you get when you run it making sure any old copies of MVT  are uninstalled before ypu install this 1.

If no help try a clean reinstall

reboot and run

and reinstall from your account

If still an issue call support though I feel 1 of the above would help you

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Re: Reatime scanner locks out internet access and makes outlook send/receive fragile?

Many thanks for very quick anbd helpful reply, PK.

No floppy on my box so no sign of that issue, but the "slow to do anything certainly applies unless I turn off realtime scanning (when all is fine).

Yes, used the MSSE's own removal tool so tha shoudl give a clean start for McA

I was not previously aware of MVT, but have now downloaded and run it. Cool!

It came up with:

SecurityCenter 12.8.944 Registry entry problem(s) (1) so I clicked ot fix

Session ID was 51021361

However, when I turned realtime scanning back on (had to have it off to get internet access to downlaod MVT!), at first e-mail sending/receiving became fragile, with half of the accounts giving errors, whereas many send/recieves had gone OK with RTS turned off. Internet access appearred slow but working. But after a few minutes both seemed to work adequately. So I think I'll give it a day or two and see if it holds up.

Thanks again for the advice

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