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Realtime Virus Scanner slow

I have 4 different PC's all running McAfee NetProtect Plus through BT. For the last few weeks the realtime scanner has been so slow I've had to switch it off to get work done. Its not because these PC's are low spec as all running Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit, Home Premium, Professional & Enterprise versions) & have up to 4Gb & quad core processors.

When "looping" the realtime scanner takes up to 30% of 4 cpu's and hits the hard disc hard. Even when not doing anything from startup & after a clean full scan.

I can only conclude its some signature file downloaded thats screwed it up. It can't be corrupted as the 4 PC's each doing their own thing & separately downloading updates. Could it be the version stored at BT that's somehow got corrupted as lots of people are complaining on BT forums but getting no useful response as its a 3rd party product.

Switching the scanner off gives me back the PC for real use almost immediately & switching it on again kills response.

Any ideas?

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Re: Realtime Virus Scanner slow

Since I posted this I tried the Mcafee Virtual Technician. It found 14 registry entries to correct. After correcting & a reboot the realtime scanner was running at a more respectable 2-3%.

Still you like to understand why it happened though.

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