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Realtime Scan options ?


It seems VS 2009 has some kind of predefined rules of dealing with malware, something like Try to disinfect(and quarantine if successful) ---> Delete the file (And quarantine if successful) and there is no way to just detect the virus and do nothing with it. I.E. no option to ignore the threat. Which is a good thing for average non experienced customer, but not a good thing for virus researchers, like me. VS destroyed some of my virus samples. I just want to see its detection capabilities, compared to other solutions, and not to delete my virus samples.

Is there a way to do that ?
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RE: Realtime Scan options ?

No there is no way to do that in the home version. If something is detected wrongly you can submit it for possible exclusion from the database but in the case of this type of sample that is unlikely.

Send a file to Avert for analysis:
Email file to:
When submitting samples via E-mail all samples must be packaged in a .ZIP file. When creating this .ZIP file, it is important to understand that the .ZIP can be no more than 3 megabytes in size and can contain no more than 30 files. Additionally, any .ZIP file created must be password-protected using the password "infected" (minus the ""). Failure to follow these guidelines will cause your submission to be rejected.
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