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Real time scanning turns off

Every time McAfee does an automatic update I get a message saying my computer is at risk.

The Security Centre tells me that real time scanning is turned off and that updates are due. I have to dismiss the real time scanning before I can then run the update. Once the updates are complete the scanning is turned back on.

This doen't happen if I run the updates myself.

Im running Windows 7 on a new computer and did have initial problems installing McAfee (via BT) because of IE 9. I installed IE 8 and installed OK.

Any ideas please.

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Level 20

Re: Real time scanning turns off

Really I would uninstall reinstall that fixes this most times however

Many fixes for this some are as follows


It has most suggestions

Another 1 posted by a user is

Posted by Gerryhiles

Next time it happens to you try this: check the warning flag in bottom right hand corner and see if it is red. If so then click on it and you'll be given a list and be able to turn on Windows Defender. That'sit.

If issue still persists, please contact technical support chat from this link and they will remote in for further diagnosis

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