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Real-time scanning repeatedly turns off - McAfee must get its act together

I have been using McAfee virus scan for some years and have repeatedly (maybe once every six months) had the problem where real time scanning repeatedly turns off. Sometimes this has happened when I have used system restore, originally for reasons unrelated to virus scan; sometimes it has happened for reasons that I can't work out.

Each time I have had to re-download and install the software. Although that has solved the problem, it takes an age and I am getting fed up of repeatedly doing it.

Lots of other people plainly have the same problem as there are lots of entries here and on other discussion forums and as this is No 1 in the FAQ.

If it happens so much, why can't McAfee sort it out:

1. The problem should not happen in the first place

2. If/when it does happen, the virtual technician should sort it out

3. If there is still a problem, the FAQs should help resolve it.

Unfortunately none of these applies. For example the FAQs give this link

and tell you to 'download and save the utility' to your desktop.

Unfortunately, this link only contains the following text

pushd "%CommonProgramFiles%\McAfee\VSCore"

mfehidin -i -x vscore.xml oas firecore scriptscan


and no utility that can be downloaded.

Given that this is McAfee's No1 FAQ and a key problem for customers whose virus protection has stopped working, McAfee needs to do much better than this.

Alan Watson

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Re: Real-time scanning repeatedly turns off - McAfee must get its act together

1 a restore does throw Mcafee out of sequence and a manual update helps this.

Re the ix.cmd

That 1 had me when I first saw it.

clicking over the link and "Saving As..  Windows Script Command (cmd) " to a local folder, will allow you to run the tool.If you cannot save as cmd save as txt then rename it

In win7 run as admin

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