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Real time scanning not working

Logged on to my PC this morning and Mcafee tells me ‘realtime scanning is off’.

Click on ‘Turn on’ but the red banner just keeps popping back up.

So I run MVT (downloaded the updated version first).

Shows 2 problems: Virus scan not working, but it says it can fix that.

The other problem is ‘SecurityCenter 15.4.4053. Product upgrade required’. It can’t fix that.

So I try to get it to fix the Virus Scan issue. Says it has done so, but still getting the red banner message, even after Shutdown and switching
PC back on again.

Product upgrade? What product upgrade? Updates are current.

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Level 7

Re: Real time scanning not working

Since posting, Mcafee installed updates (I have it set to do so automatically).

Opened up SecurityCenter, and there is a message in the Virus and Spyware panel which says 'Realtime Scanning Starting'. A little black wheel is revolving next to this message, but it has been doing so for ages now.

Level 7

Re: Real time scanning not working

A second set of updates has now installed automatically.

Real time scanning now shown as working.