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Real-time scan & Taxwise

About a week ago, my Taxwise application stopped running. After days of scanning posts, checking patches, updates, etc.. The TaxWise application will not run while Real-time scanning is on. I am a volunteer for tax preparer, and visit several sites. I would prefer not to all out turn off Real-time scanning, but as of now, this seems to be the only options I am aware of. The application is listed in the firewall setting for allow. I have even tried turing off net gaurd for the application executable, but I am unclear what this does.

Question: Is disabling real-time scanning the only option?

It seems McAfee is blocking all versions of Taxwise I have: 2011, 2012, and 2013.

When I attempt to launch the application, the application never appears (opens).

However, it does appear in taskmgr, under processes, not applications.

All efforts to kill the process (tww13.exe) have failed, and the machine will hang for shutdown or logoff.

Strangely, if I launch the application with the real-time on, the application will never open.

If then turn off the real-time scanning, and launch the application, it will open a second instance of the application. The second instance will open. I will have both appear in task mgr under processes, but only one under applications. I can use the once instance and close the program, without issue.

The original instance of the application remains stalled, blocked, etc. 

I turn on the real-time scanning again, and the application will attempt to launch again, but never open. And I will have two instances appearing in the task mgr, but neither in applications.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or jokes.. I have been fiddling with this for several hours...

Thank you in advance, E

Don't laugh:

Internet Security

Win Xp Sp3

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Re: Real-time scan & Taxwise

If the anti-virus is stopping them then they would have been quarantined.  Open SecurityCenter, then Navigation and tscroll down to Quarantined and trusted Items.

Are they in there?  If so and they are labelled as PUP's then you can trust them, if not labelled as such then they would need to9 be submitted for clesarance, see the dollowing for guidance:\ and

If not then they may be being blocked byu the firewall.

Again open SecurityCenter but this time open Web and Email Protection then Firewall then Internet Connections for Programs

It takes a while to load.  Click the work Program to re-arrange them alphabetically.

Ensure that whatever programs needed are given full permissions.

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Re: Real-time scan & Taxwise

Peter, thank you for trying to help. I had mentioned the executable was already in the firewall list.

there are no items listed in either Quarantined Items, or Quarantined Potentially Unwatned Programs. The instruction links provided make the assumption the program is listed as as Quarantined.

I am just guessing here, but since all three versions of the application have stopped working with Real-Time Scanning, I have to believe it is something the programs are all attempting to do, and not the program itself. I really don't know, ergo guessing. All three programs executables were listed in the firewall with full access.

NOTE: all three were working with Real-time scanning, up until last week.

I have tried running the program a few times. I checked the report for the blocked connections, but there wasn't any entries for today.

If someone could provide some means to diagnose the problem, I don't mind posting the results.

Thank you again, E

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Re: Real-time scan & Taxwise

You'd need to contact Technical Support in that case.  It's free of charge by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.  

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