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Real-Time Protection Keeps Turning Off

I have McAfee Security Center version 11.0 and Windows 7 Home Premium. My ISP supplies my AV. Until a month ago that was F-Secure, which never gave me problems.

The problem is, I get popup messages warning me that Real Time Scanning is off and my computer is at risk. I click the “turn on” button and things are fine for a while, until it happens again, seemingly at random intervals.

I have followed all the suggestions at the McAfee Communities help forum and still have the problem, although it occurs less frequently than before. I am posting this in hopes that someone reading it has had the same issue and has found a solution.Thanks!

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Re: Real-Time Protection Keeps Turning Off

Moved this to your own new thread in the VirusScan section and retitled it for better attention.

When you removed F-Secure did you run their removal tool if they have one?

I'm assuming this is Windows 7 SP1 and that your version of Internet Explorer is IE9 rather than 8.  (Even if you use another browser by default).

I mention that because McAfee SecurityCenter is actually an IE page so it relies on an up to date version thereof being installed and set to default settings.

What other security software of any type do you have installed and active?  Any other popups or warnings I need to know about?

For a start try running the Virtual Technician to see if it finds and fixes any errors, sometimes it needs to be run twice or even 3 times.


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