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Ready to change to another program

On May 8, Mcafee did an automatic update DAT 5960, I believe.  From that time, I have received the warning that I have no anti-virus software on my computer and was directed to install it.  My firewall had also been turned off.  When I attempted to reinstall the anti-virus software, I ran into a dead end.  I attempted to contact McAfee and was directed to download the virtual technician, which I did.  At the launch of VT, I was told the file was corrupted and directed to redownload, which I did three more times.  I then attempted to chat, and was left with a blank page, also an e-mail noting that they had assigned me a service number.  I also discovered that I can no longer initiate a scan, and the logs seem to indicate that my auto-scan hasn't been working for some time.  After several days of attempting to work through the so-called support site, yesterday I called the accounting office to cancel my subscription.  I was transferred to technical support.  After 2 hours on the telephone, he determined that I needed to uninstall and reinstall Mcafee.  When the product was reinstalling he terminated the conversation and said I would be fine now.  Well I am not fine.  After the reinstall, the message was that parts of the file were missing, that Mcafee could not launch any internet security, and I might want to reinstall or contact customer service.  I did another reinstall, same result and called customer service again.  This time I was told that the computers were down and I wouldn't be able to get any help.  I once again tried to install VT with the same corrupted file message.  What is going on with Mcafee?  At this point, there are no Mcafee files on my computer, and absolutely no protection.  When I log into my account, I am seeing a blank page.  Any thoughts on what is happening here, and how to fix would be greatly appreciated.  BTW I had DAT 5985 yesterday before it all went away.

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Re: Ready to change to another program

Hi ,

Sorry for the inconvenience that had happened till now, Please let me know certain information about the computer such as;

What is the operating system of the computer ? (win xp/vista/7)
How is the computer currently connected to internet ?
Check if you have installed any other security softwares  under the control panel – add/remove section ?

Please provide me with the exact error message that we receive during the download , f possible attach a screenshot for the same.

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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