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Quarantine vs Delete?

When I run a scan on my computer and a virus or other malware is found I am prompted to send it into 'quarantine'.

Does this mean that it is still resident somewhere in my computer?  If yes, why?

Why not just delete and shred it?

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Re: Quarantine vs Delete?

Viruses are deleted Potentially unwanted programs PUPs or new malware such as artemis detections are quarantined in case I assume you want to use the program if it is a false +ve.

Quarantined programs are kept locked away in an area and cannot be accessed.

Managing detected items

When McAfee detects items that it is not able to handle automatically, the alert shows the number of detected items that require your attention. When you see this alert, you can click View scan report to see the list of detected items, which appears at the end of the scan.

McAfee prompts you with options to handle each detected item. The available options depend on the threat type. For example, for potentially unwanted programs, you can decide whether to quarantine or trust them.

Delete infected items

During a scan, when McAfee detects infected items that it cannot handle automatically, it prompts you to clean or quarantine them.


The number of infected items appears at the top of the page. Under Infected Items, you can open details on each infected item to see the name of the infected file, its location on your PC, and the threats it contains.

You can delete all infected items at once if you know that all items on the list are disposable, or you can delete individual files if you recognize items on the list that you do not want to delete. You can also choose to handle infected items later, though it is not recommended.


To... Do this...
Delete all infected items detected during the scan Click Delete all.
Ignore all infected items for now Click Decide later.
Delete infected items individually Click Delete next to the name of the infected items.
View infected items for detailed information, including their exact location on your PC and the names of the threats infecting them Click the arrow next to the name of the infected item.

Some infected items cannot be deleted immediately. McAfee safely deletes these infected files the next time you restart your PC.

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Re: Quarantine vs Delete?

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