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Problems with V14 and Cisco NAC (clean agent)

Immediately after the update to AV+ Version 14, I could no longer access the internet through the University Cisco NAC portal. Cisco NAC should verify that I am using a valid anti-virus program before allowing me to go through to the www.  All was well up until last Friday.  But, since the V14 update, Cisco NAC now blocks my access returning an error message that I do not have a valid Anti-Virus program installed on my PC.  McAfee is one of the approved AV programs.

My operating system is VISTA and I am using IE8.  McAfee Virtual Technician reports that all is just fine.  Checking Windows Security, Windows is reporting that McAfee AV is in place and all is well.  I contacted McAfee Chat Support and thier recommendation was to reset the firewall (McAfee) to Default settings.  When I had a chance to try that later in the day, it did not help.  I also tried removing and reinstalling the Cisco NAC, and deleting all history & cookies from IE8 - no help either.  The university IT department is saying that all is well with Cisco NAC and it should be looking to Windows Security to verify that an AV program is present.

Any suggestions?


AV Version 14.0.309

DAT 5959

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