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Problem uninstalling Mcafee antivirus


Few weeks ago I was under an attack of a malware. It took me some time to return back to normality using all kind of tools I was asked to use. .

I thought that the computer is ok, every scheduled scan was done in time . But I could not see the results of the reports .

Yesterday when I wanted to scan a file I downloaded in the Internet It did not work .

using the navigation option and Scan your PC option I got this answer I did not see in the past:

VSOs:*_RUN_SCAN_INFO not a resource

VSOs:* Run Scan INFOVIZ QUICKSCAN not a resource

VSOs* RUN FULL_SCAN_INFO not a resource

VSOs:*_RUN_CUSTOM_SCAN_INFO not a resource.

seeing this list made me feel that I am not protects and somehow MCAFEE was damaged in the last attack I had.

How can I uninstall the product in order to install it again fresh ?

I saw some remarks regarding a tool MCPR but I could not find it.

is it the right tool ? where can I find it ?



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Re: Problem uninstalling Mcafee antivirus

.Moved to VirusScan for better attention.

To find things like MCPR you would normally go to Technical Support  - see McAfee Support or Useful Links at the top of the page, and search the database for it, however it is linked under Useful Links at the top of this page also.

Try removing in the normal way first, Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program (Add or Remove Programs in XP) because that will decrement the online account and show 1 less machine using it.

Then run MCPR and reboot.  Run it again if necessary.

Note:  MCPR only works with the consumer/home products and those only as far back as 2005 versions.

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Re: Problem uninstalling Mcafee antivirus

Another option is a free genericAV uninstall utility called AppRemover that removes several versions of Mcafee(and that of other AV vendors).   It can be downloaded from Good luck!

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