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PUP found trying to access Internet, but McAfee scans are clean

My firewall detected njT6DX.exe attemping to connect out to the internet. I opted to block outbound access. When I checked the Task Manager the process had already terminated. The File is located in my "local settings\temp" folder. A manual scan with McAfee 15.0 came up clean. Anyone know what this process is? Trojan?

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Re: PUP found trying to access Internet, but McAfee scans are clean

Hi sosaja,

When you visit a website and install a free or low-cost program, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) can be part of that download. PUPs can be a component of freeware and shareware products such as media players, shopping companions, cookies, and file-sharing programs. Some of these programs may contain code or components that allow the developers of these applications to collect and retrieve information about the people who use them.

Most people do not choose to have potentially unwanted programs installed on their computers; however, companies often piggyback their programs with other popular software such as file-sharing applications. This PUP in your system located on the temp folder could have been something that entered your system by any of the above ways. Clear your temporary files and run a quick clean using McAfee and you should be alright.


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