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On-Access Scan vs. Scheduled Scan

Is there any reason that a scheduled scan would be any better than an on-access scan?

Does anyone have reference to a virus that would not be detected by an on-access scan but would be detected by a scheduled scan?
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RE: On-Access Scan vs. Scheduled Scan

It may be in the configuration of the different scans.

The on-access scanning (McShield) has completely different settings than the scheduled scans.

I would compare the two policies and evaluate the differences

If both the policies are identical:
My opinion is this:
Either your on-access scanner is set to scan way too much
Your Scheduled full scan is set way too light.

Back to the issue..
If they are the same..
You do realize that the on-access scanner will only evaluate the "virus" when it is copied, accesses, moved etc..

The Scheduled scan will detect the "virus" as it sits on the machine.

Other than a policy mis-match - This would be strange behaviour as they use the same DAT file for scanning.
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