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No manual scan options

I hope someone here can help me out. My computer has been running slow lately, and has recently started opening multiple tabs in a random IE window, hosing up the machine. I have to go into task manager to "end task" on the run-away windows to regain control. I tried to run a manual virus scan in McAfee, but the "full scan" button that help says is supposed to be in the scan options window isn't there. Not sure what to do next, short of a McAfee reinstall.
Config is as follows:

Virus Scan v 13.3
Windows XP SP3
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Level 7

RE: No manual scan options


Please try the below:

• Open the McAfee Security Center> Check whether you have the Scan button on the left top
• Also check whether Security Center is set as Basic Menu or Advanced Menu
• Check whether you are able to see the scan button when you right click on the My Computer icon.
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